Old Electrical Equipment - Wooden side entry plug

An early wooden 2 pin plug with unusual side entry for the flex.

Two Pins

Wooden two pin electrical plug Wooden plug with side flex entry This plug is made from a single turned piece of wood, which forms the body and handle.

Contacts are brass, with a disc of a compressed fibre material.

Flex exits the plug via a small hold in the side.

One Screw

Top view of a two pin wooden electric plug The contacts and fibre disc are secured with a single woodscrew in the centre.

The screw has rusted, staining the wood and the disc.


Terminals and fibre disc from a wooden electrical two pin plug Wooden side entry plug opened The wooden part has a fairly crude slot and holes to accomodate the pins and wiring.

The pins are turned brass with the pin separate from the wire terminal so it can be secured into the red disc.

There is no flex grip, other than the wires being pressed against the wooden base by the red disc.


This video features this and several other wooden plugs.

View on Youtube.