Old Electrical Equipment - Small 2 pin wooden plug

A small 2 pin plug made from wood.

Two Pins

Wooden two pin plug Wooden plug with two brass split pins A small 2 pin plug with two pins.

The body is a single piece of wood, with a fibre disc and two brass pins.


Two pin plug taken apart, showing the pins, wooden body and wiring The red disc is secured with two woodscrews.

The wood body has two holes drilled for the pins, which merge into a single hole for the wires to exit on the other side.


Red fibre disc with two brass terminals from a wooden plug The two terminals are brass, with knurled nuts to secure the wires.

This plug still has the remains of some wiring attached - rubber insulated with a red cotton covering.

The wires are tinned copper, hence the silver appearance.

Additional views

BS372 two pin wooden plug showing wiring terminals Wooden two pin plug with brass pins and cotton covered wiring


This video features this and several other wooden plugs.

View on Youtube.