Old Electrical Equipment - 2 pin plug

Various unrelated components which can be assembled into a 2 pin plug.

The parts

The despicable plug with one pin connected Two split pins and bits of bakelite Here we have two brass split pins, a bakelite screw cover, and a bakelite base with two round holes in it.

Screw terminals - what are they?

After obtaining a length of twin twisted flex with most of the red cotton covering worn away, the bare end of one wire can be placed into the split pin and shoved into one of the holes in the bakelite base.

Both split pins connected.

The finished 2 pin electric shocker plug Both pins now connected to the wires The other wire can be 'secured' in the same way. Note there are no screws, clamps or anything else to secure the wires.

Cover securely fixed so it can be opened by anyone.

The screw cover holds the pins into the base. Of course, this can be unscrewed by anyone to reveal the live pins inside.

Even if not unscrewed, the unsleeved pins are in a perfect position for fingers to accidentally contact them when inserting or removing the plug.

Thankfully, plugs like this ceased to be made decades ago, and no one has anything like this in their home. All of the appliances which had these plugs fitted were disposed of years ago.

This particular plug was found on a table lamp in 2011 ...