Volex Temco Clock Connector

White three pin fused connector.

Clock Connector

Volex Temco clock connector This surface mounting connector has three pins and is branded Volex Temco.

It still has the remains of an ancient 2 core single insulated flex attached.

The plug is removed by undoing the round nut in the centre. The two small screws only secure the flex in the plug.

Twin single flex

Volex Volex The three pins are flat, L and N in the corners, with the earth pin slightly offset.

The brass threaded post in the centre has a small nut which secures the base cover, and the same post also accepts the nut which secures the plug into the socket.

The base has a section removed, which is where the circuit wiring would have entered.

1A Fuse

Volex Volex The plug contains a 1A fuse, branded Volex. As with most of these connectors, this is a BS646 fuse.

Base and contacts

Volex Volex The contacts are rivetted to the plastic base, which unhelpfully means one of the small rivet ends on the back would be live.

The earth contact extends to the centre brass post, which although ensures it cannot become live, also means this 3 pin connector can only be used as L-N-E, and certainly not on a master-slave type system where one pin would be used as a timing signal.

Made in England.