Old Electrical Equipment - Chilton ELCB Part 2

Another example of a Chilton VOELCB

Ottermill Chilton

Chilton earth leakage circuit breaker Obsolete Ottermill Chilton VOELCB This example is a more recent one, although it is still well over 30 years old.

Cosmetically it is substantially identical other than the wording which states 'Ottermill Chilton Limited' rather than 'Chilton Electric Products'. The 'Push To Test' wording has moved from the button itself to the grey plastic just below the button.

Unused in original box

Ottermill Chilton ELCB in original box Box for a Chilton earth leakage circuit breaker Ottermill Chilton VOELCB box label The original box is complete although rather tatty. The reason this was never used is simple - it does not work! The lever will not lock into the on position, making it totally useless.

Presumably whoever purchased it either couldn't be bothered to return it, or just forgot about it.


Ottermill ELCB terminals Ottermill ELCB top terminals The incoming and outgoing terminals are the same - the larger pairs on the outer edge.

There is a single set of E and F connections, which are at the top. The lower set were presumably omitted to reduce the manufacturing cost.


Ottermill Chilton ELCB front text Ottermill Chilton ELCB front viewr The text is substantially similar to the previous version.

Terminal covers here are black, compared to grey on the older model.


Back view of an Ottermill Chilton earth leakage circuit breaker Back panel from Ottermill Chilton earth leakage circuit breaker The back panel is plain, with no wiring diagram or any other information.

The panel here is loose, although it is likely that it was originally glued in place, as there would be no reason for anyone to access the screws inside.

Additional pictures

Grey sealing gasket on a Chilton ELCB Ottermill VOELCB yellow test button The sealing gasket is light grey, compared to black on the earlier version.

Internal mechanism

View this video on Youtube.

This video shows the internal mechanism of the Ottermill Chilton VOELCB.