Two round pins of various spacings

Fits a variety of outlets

Plug Pins and Socket

Adaptor with two round adjustable pins Two pin adjustable plug with bayonet socket The two round pins are both moveable, to allow for various different spacings.

The bayonet socket allows a lamp to be plugged in directly - or less helpfully, a bayonet plug or another adaptor.

Note the socket has a basic shutter mechanism, concealing the live pins unless significant pressure is applied to the round plate inside the socket.


Two pin adjustable plug - narrow Two pin adjustable plug - medium Two pin adjustable plug - wide The pin spacing is continuously variable from very wide to ridiculously narrow.

At the widest setting, the unsleeved pins are very close to the edge of the adaptor.

There is no makers name, but the end is marked 'ER2' and 'MADE IN ENGLAND'.