Illuminated Globe LED Conversion

This plastic globe was originally purchased in the late 1980s, and used a 15 watt pygmy incandescent lamp for illumination.

Although still available, this type of lamp has a short lifespan, are becoming more difficult to find, and uses far more power than a modern LED lamp.
Lamp replacement involves bending the curved plastic support arm to release the globe, which increases the possibility of breaking it - somthing to be avoided if possible.

LED Globe Conversion

View this video on Youtube.

In this video, the original SES lampholder is removed and replaced with a G9 type. A 2 watt G9 LED lamp is installed, which is actually brighter than the original 15W incandescent.

A new switch and wiring is installed, as the original was somewhat suspect, this globe being subject to a product recall several decades ago due to problems with the switch. The globe was not returned at the time, as the only option was a refund, no replacement was available.