Tauco (Delta) DP220 Bench Drill Refurbishment

A bench mounted pillar drill made in 1942.

As obtained this did work, but had a number of missing parts and was covered in rust. Subsequent examination revealed that the starter was unsuitable and damaged, the quill spring was missing, there was no lubrication in the motor, and the chuck was damaged.


Tauco (Delta) DP220 Overview and Dismantling
The Tauco DP220 bench drill is examined, switched on to see if it works, and then totally dismantled.

Tauco (Delta) DP220 Motor Starter Disassembly
The MEM Startet motor starter from the Tauco bench drill is taken apart - it is in very poor condition so will not be reused.

Tauco (Delta) DP220 Paint Colour and Electric Motor Testing
The final paint colour for the DP220 drill is revealed as metallic pink, and the motor is tested.

Tauco (Delta) DP220 Electric Motor Teardown
The electric motor from the DP220 drill is taken apart for cleaning and minor repairs.

MEM Auto-Memota Motor Starter Series 6
A replacement motor starter is obtained for the Tauco drill, and the operation of the starter is explained in detail.

Tauco (Delta) DP220 Drill Final Reassembly
The drill is completed, however the original Jacobs chuck is damaged and cannot be used.

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