Sega Mega Tech System

An arcade machine from 1989.

Based on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), this arcade version added time based play and could contain up to 8 game cartridges, with the player being able to select any of the games to play provided enough time remained.


Sega Mega Tech video overview
Video overview of a Sega Mega Tech System full size arcade machine from 1989.

Sega Mega Tech Games Demonstration
Demonstration of 9 different Mega Tech game cartridges and the built in test mode.

Sega Mega Tech Photo Gallery
Photo gallery featuring a Sega MegaTech arcade machine, based on the Mega Drive or Genesis.

Sega Mega Tech Documents
Sega Mega Tech user manual, instructions and Hantarex monitor service manuals.

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This item was obtained in a non-working state in 2013 and subsequently repaired.

The repairs at the time were not documented, so these pages are just a record of the machine in it's working state.

It was sold via eBay in 2018, I no longer have this machine.