Wiring a hanging bayonet lampholder

Attaching 3 core flex to a metal lampholder designed to hang from the ceiling..

The Video

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Earthing Required

This is a metal lampholder, so has an earth connection, and this must be properly connected to the earth terminal in the ceiling rose.

Three core flex is used, containing line, neutral and earth.

As these will hang from the ceiling, these lampholders also have a flex grip which avoids the flex being pulled out of the terminals.

Black and Bronze

Thes particular lampholders have a bronze finish, and the flex used is black rubber which has a matt finish.

These were selected as the lampshades were metal with decorative glass panels, the bronze colour being a close match for those.

PVC flex could have been used, although that has a glossy finish rather than the matt finish of the rubber type used.


The final part of this video shows testing the completed items, to confirm they are wired properly and they are safe to use.