Wago 222 Connectors vs Other Similar Type

Genuine Wago 222 series connector vs an identical looking unbranded equivalent. Which will fail first?

Connector Showdown

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Both connectors performed as expected with no problems even when significantly overloaded. Only when ridiculously high currents were used did any problems appear, and by then the connecting wires themselves were already overloaded and overheating.

The final melting occured with over 150 amps - 5 times more than the 32A maximum rating of these connectors.

Is it worthwhile buying the unbranded ones? Probably not, given the genuine ones are not exactly expensive, and the genuine ones are from a known source and will always be made to the same standards.

The fako ones in this video did perform well - but other anonymous types obtained might not. Without individual testing, there is no way to know.