Wiring Regulations BS7671

18th edition, blue cover, published in July 2018 and applicable from 1 January 2019.

This video and the text below cover the main changes in Part 4 - Protection for Safety. (There is no article for Part 3, as there are no changes in it).

Printed book available from Amazon. Note that many older editions are still available, these have different coloured covers. Make sure you are buying the correct version - BS7671:2018, blue cover.

As with the rest of the book, there are many insignificant changes such as d.c. becoming DC. Such things are not covered in the video or the text below.

BS7671:2018 18th Edition Part 4 Changes

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Changes in Chapter 41




Changes in Chapter 42

Changes in Chapter 43

Changes in Chapter 44

Changes in Chapter 46

Chapter 46 is entirely new and covers Isolation and Switching. There was no Chapter 46 in the previous edition.
However almost all of the the content has been relocated from elsewhere in the regulations.

Chapter 46 has existed in older versions, but was deleted, and has now been put back in.