Wiring Regulations

Wiring regulations in the UK are described within BS7671.

In this section

These are selected topics from BS7671, some of this content was made for the 17th edition, and some for the 18th. Hoever in most cases there are no changes between the two versions and the information is valid for both editions.

Where there are minor changes this has been added to the text in most cases - however please check the latest edition of BS7671 to ensure compliance.

Bathroom Zones as defined in BS7671
Definitions of the various zones for bathrooms as found in BS7671.

BS7671:2018 Section 722 Electric Vehicle Charging Installations
A look at Section 722 of BS7671:2018 covering electric vehicle charging installations and options for the type of earthing.

Zones for Concealed Cables in Walls, BS7671 Wiring Regulations
Prescibed zones for cables concealed in walls as specified in BS7671 Wiring Regulations, previously known as Safe Zones.