Wiring Regulations BS7671

18th edition, published in July 2018 and applicable to electrical installations designed from 1 January 2019.

This video and the text below cover the main changes in Part 1 and Part 2. There are no real changes to Part 3, so the next video in this series covers Part 4.

Printed book available from Amazon. Note that many older editions are still available, these have different coloured covers. Make sure you are buying the correct version - BS7671:2018, blue cover.

As with the rest of the book, there are large numbers of insignificant changes such as a.c. becoming AC. Such things are not covered in the video or the text below.

BS7671:2018 18th Edition Part 1 and Part 2 Changes

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Changes in Part 1

Changes in Part 2

Part 2 consists of definitions, the following are new:

These have been amended or deleted:

There are some minor changes to Symbols and Abbreviations, many of which are just due to other regulation numbers changing.

Changes in Part 3

Although there are a number of changes to Part 3, these are all minor and insignificant items such as references to other regulations / chapters or items such as a.c. changing to AC.