Pump Control Panel - Installed and Working

Testing the panel, an overview of the completed installation and a description of how it works.

The Video

View this video on Youtube.

Pumps On or Off

This is a fairly simple design, and switches a pump on and off as the pressure in a water supply system falls and rises.

Pressure in the pipes activates a mechanical pressure switch, with the switch being on when pressure falls below a set level, and off once it reaches another higher set level.

The cabinet contains a changeover timer switch to select one of the two pumps in this system. Switches allow manual selection of one pump only if desired.

Indicators on the front panel show the status, including pump demand, which pump is operating, if one or both pump overloads has tripped and if the water level is low.

A relay inside the cabinet disconnects power to the pump contactors if the water level is low, as running the pumps with no water will very quickly damage them.