UK 13A Plugs (BS1363 Plug) - How to Fit

Fitting a new plug is a straightforward task. Apart from the plug itself, you will need a trimming/DIY knife, wire strippers and a small flat blade screwdriver.

Post Terminals

13A plug, post terminals class1 new colours

Pillar Terminals

13A plug, pillar terminals, class1, new colours

Further details

Before replacing the lid, always check that the wires are in the correct terminals.
When preparing the flex, the earth wire should be cut slightly longer, so that if the flex were pulled out, the live and neutral would be disconnected before the earth wire.
If replacing a damaged plug, it is a good idea to cut off the last 150mm of flex, as this is often damaged where it enters the plug.
If the wire is very thin, and you are using a plug with pillar terminals, strip off 10mm of insulation, twist the wires together and then fold the exposed wire in half. This will give a larger area for the screw to clamp against.
If the wires have solder on the ends (tinned), cut this off. Solder will creep under the pressure of the screw and result in a loose connection.