CNC Router Build #8 - Jog Buttons, Parts and Costs

Program code for the panel buttons, and details of all components used for the build.

The Video

View this video on Youtube.

Code for the jog buttons

In a similar way to the start/stop/hold buttons, code must be added for the six jog buttons.

An important difference is that each button requires two functions - start jog when the button is pressed, and stop jog when the button is released.
This ensures the machine stops moving when the button is released - otherwise pressing the button would start it moving and it would continue until it hit the limit switches.

Code is added to the Screen Load Script, with each function added to the SigLib table as described in the previous episode for the CycleStart and other related buttons.

Parts List

A list of parts used and where they were obtained from can be downloaded here.

Note that this is exactly what is says - just a list of parts which I purchased at the time of assembling the machine. Suppiers and parts availability are likely to change, and if you are building a similar machine, you should NOT just copy this list - confirm the parts are suitable for your particular application first.