Photos from 2019

Electrical installations conpleted by Flameport Electrical during 2019.

Dado Trunking - In Progress

Dado trunking installation underway in a home office Dado trunking being installed by Flameport Electrical in a home office This room will become a home office/studio, and requires a large number of socket outlets.

Dado trunking is being installed so that the socket outlets can be provided without having to totally destroy the walls.

This also enables future additions or changes to be made easily.

Pictures here show the work in progress.

Dado Trunking - Complete

Completed dado trunking installation with Crabtree socket outlets and Cat5e network outlet Completed dado trunking installation within a recessed alcove The completed installation.

15 double socket outlets and 2 network sockets which are wired to a router elsewhere in the property.

Dado Trunking - Wiring Type

Dado trunking installation with socket outlets and Cat5e socket showing end, internal and external corner The sockets are on a ring final circuit, extending the original wiring that connected to two sockets previously.

Flat T&E cable was used so that the cable type is consistent for the whole circuit - the circuit already supplies socket outlets in adjacent rooms.

Picture here shows the use of an end piece, internal corners and an external corner.