Photos from 2019

Electrical installations conpleted by Flameport Electrical during 2019.

Fusebox replacement

New Hager consumer unit with Type A RCBOs Old MEM fusebox and cables in poor conditionAn older 1980s fusebox removed, and replaced with a new Hager consumer unit. RCBOs used, one for each circuit.

Tails were replaced as the old ones were rubber insulated with cotton covering, and significantly undersized.

Meter now fixed properly - was hanging off the board previously.

The missing fuse didn't have any wiring connected to it, so it was either removed at some point, or never existed in the first place.

Chrome sockets and leaf wallpaper

Chrome LAP socket installed in a wall with leaf pattern paper Chrome LAP socket showing wiring to the rear terminals Metal 35mm backbox in a wall with leaf pattern wallpaper Chrome LAP sockets in a box on a metal stepladder This room was rewired so that additional sockets could be added and existing ones relocated.

For the best possible finish, it's essential to have the various works done in the correct order.

Photos show the second fix. The only item remaining after this is the new carpet.

Flat accessories like these chrome ones require 35mm depth backboxes. This almost always requires new backboxes installing, as traditionally most were only 25mm depth.

Socket Outlet Replacement

New flush mounted socket outlets Surface mounted sockets incorrectly connected as a spur from a ring final


The single socket to the left is an original, and is on a ring final circuit.

The two doubles to the right have been added using surface wiring and are connected as a spur using a single cable. This is incorrect, as only one double is permitted on a spur.


The old sockets were removed and replaced with two doubles, extending the ring to the right hand socket outlet.

Cables concealed in the wall and under the floor, with white flush mounted sockets.