Photos from 2014 and earlier

I don't have many photos of completed work prior to 2014, as the various phones I had then featured useless cameras, and I rarely took photos of completed work anyway.

2014 Kitchen Rewire

This kitchen was partially rewired, with new sockets and switches installed. Previously it had brown wooden panelling with white plastic sockets - replaced with new blue tiles and brushed steel sockets.

LED under cabinet lighting was added, with the existing 1 gang light switch changed to a 2 gang - one for the ceiling lighting, another for the under cabinet lighting.

Sockets and switches were relocated to be aligned with the grout line of the new tiles.

2014 Kitchen rewire with new sockets outlets and switches 2014 Kitchen rewire, left side with 2 socket outlets and FCU for waching machine 2014 Kitchen rewire, left side with 2 socket outlets 2014 Kitchen rewire showing oven, hob, socket outlets, under cabinet LED lighting

2014 Consumer Unit

3 circuit Wylex replacement consumer unit This 3 circuit consumer unit replaced an older rewireable fusebox. Installed in a small 2 bedroom property.

Main bonding was also replaced, as the existing was undersized.

Features RCBOs, one for each circuit, so that in the event of a fault, only a single circuit is affected.

2009 LED Shower Lighting

LED lighting for a shower enclosure A fairly early LED lighting installation, this has blue LEDs in the wall and additional multicoloured LEDs in the ceiling. Photo shows the electrical installation complete, although some painting and plumbing work is still to be done by others.