Flameport Electrical Payment Options

Preferred Payment Methods.


Payments can be made on site using a portable terminal with any debit or credit card.
Contactless Google Pay and Apple Pay are supported, up to whatever the maximum is for your particular account.
Contactless card payments are an option up to £100.

Online card payments are supported - please email for a payment link if you want to pay this way.

Payments appear on your card statement as: Sumup*Flameport

Bank Transfer

Payments directly into the company bank account.

Details are printed on your invoice, or included on the PDF invoice if it was sent by email.

Please note that in the unlikely event of any change to payment details, it will NEVER be provided by email.
Emails suggesting alternative accounts for payments are a scam designed to steal your money. Don't be fooled by them.
Contact me by telephone if in any doubt about where to send a payment.


Suitable for those who already have a PayPal account.

This is currently a manual process - please email for a payment request link.

Other methods

Other payment options here, however those shown above are preferred.