Flameport Electrical Payment Options

Alternative payment methods are shown below, however please consider using one of these preferred methods if possible.


Cash is an option, but mainly for smaller amounts. Please note that I do not generally carry any cash so am unable to offer change.

Large cash payments are not desirable, as they are inconvenient and expensive to process. Business bank accounts charge a percentage fee to pay in cash, and that's on top of having to actually take it to the bank in the first place.

Also note that effective November 2018, Barclays do not allow cash payments to be made into an account with just the account details - so you can't pay cash directly into our account yourself.


Effective 1 January 2019, cheque payments are NOT ACCEPTED.
This is because every single cheque costs money to deposit into the bank account, cheques take a week to clear and they have to be taken to the bank in person which wastes at least an hour of time, assuming a bank can be found within a reasonable distance and it's actually still open.

There is also the possibility of them not clearing - which incurs yet another non-trivial fee and more wasted time obtaining payment by another method.