Flameport Electrical - Oven, Cooker or Hob Installation

Installation of a new or replacement electric oven, hob or freestanding electric cooker.
Available in BH and DT postcode areas of Dorset.

Single item installation

Price: £89.00

Applies to the installation of a single domestic appliance, either an electric cooker, electric hob or electric oven.
This is for electric appliances only. For dual fuel appliances, the electrical section can be connected. I do NOT do any gas work.


Any single or double electric oven, either built in or built under. Also applies to built in microwaves.


Any electric hob including ceramic, induction or solid plate.


Any freestanding electric cooker including slimline, standard or range style.

Additional Information

For all work, an installation certificate is provided.

If required, an existing old appliance can be disconnected and taken out of the cabinet/worktop before installing the new one.
Packaging materials for the new appliance can be taken away.

I do NOT remove or dispose of old appliances.

Two items

Price: £139.00

Applies where two items are installed at the same time in the same kitchen, most commonly an electric oven and electric hob.
However also applies for other combinations such as two ovens, oven and microwave, or two Domino hobs.

Not covered here?

Unlike most major retailers, if the existing connection point is not suitable or there are other modifications required I can make those changes and then install your new oven, hob or cooker. Price for this depend on the work required, however a fixed quote can be provided before any work is started.
Services available include:

For these or any other electrical work, please contact me.

Prices updated 14 January 2022 and include VAT.